My grandpa is 89 years old now; he used to be a tailor, a wood craftsman, and a writer. I grew up in Dàlián, my grandpa's home, a coastal city in northeast China and lived around everything he made. When I was a kid, he took me out to hiking every weekend on the same and only mountain hill behind our little village. My grandpa always told me, even as he had been here many times for many years, he could still discover something that he had never seen or touched. Inspired by my grandpa, I learned how never to see things the same twice. I learned to make things, to explore, to observe and experience.

As I got older, I pushed myself to explore and walk out of my comfort zone. I've jumped out of a plane in 13,000 ft. I did parasailing. I hiked on top of the mountains and looked down. At those ­moments, I understand why I get inspiration by doing these things. Design is a journey of self-discovery and finding details in life.





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My name is Angela Nini Zhong, live in Los Angeles, California. I am a graphic designer, interested in corporate identity, branding, interface design, and environmental graphics. I am a recent grad from ArtCenter College of Design. Feel free to say “Hi” , and let’s explore new things around you.